Our eyes are continuously glued to the mobile screens these days and we forget to take our eyes from the mobile screens. As a result, many of us get strain in our eyes and face difficulties. Eye is very necessary for every person as it makes us see the world around us. It is said that by including zinc rich foods our eye health would be superb.
Various zinc rich superfoods that we must eat for our eye health to be superb is
Pumpkin seeds intake:
It must be noted that pumpkin seeds are good plant based sources of zinc. These seeds could either be consumed as snacks or added to salads etc and then consumed.
Spinach intake:
Leafy green vegetables having lots of vitamins and minerals like zinc etc are spinach. Our eye health would become superb when we eat spinach regularly. It can also provide other nutrients for eye health like lutein and zeaxanthin etc.
Chickpeas intake:
Garbanzo beans or chickpeas are highly versatile and they could be used in many dishes. They have zinc, fibres and plant based proteins etc in them. It is good to incorporate chickpeas into salads and soups etc or it can be used to make hummus also.
Cashews intake:
Zinc is present in cashews and these cashews are delicious to taste is known. Hence, cashews can be eaten by us directly as a snack or it can be added to trail mixes etc.
Beef intake:
It is possible to increase zinc intake by eating beef. Point is that lean cuts of beef like sirloin and tenderloin are good sources of zinc. It is known that beef widely is mostly consumed by non-vegetarian food eaters across the world.
Oyster`s intake:
It is mentioned that we could get the highest concentration of zinc when we consume oysters. It is known that oyster is a common name given to a number of families of salt water bivalve molluscs living in marine or brackish habitats. These oysters are regarded as a seafood delicacy. Point is that while eating oysters we must be careful as it might lead to GI issues in some persons.

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