If you are of the view that small organs in us might not not carry out important body functions, then you are wrong!!

Just weighing 80gms and about 6inches in length, pear shaped pancreas located in the upper part of the abdomen would produce digestive enzymes and hormones that play a role in sugar metabolism. It is therefore necessary that our pancreas must be in good healthy condition for our body to be healthy. Poorly functioning pancreas could lead to issues in us.

Various signs that will shown that the pancreas in us is functioning poorly are

Abdominal pain:

Acute or chronic inflammation of pancreas is pancreatitis and this is one important sign of poor functioning of pancreas. It is noteworthy that when large tumour cells press against the nearby organs then we could get severe abdominal pain. This pain could be due to pancreatic cancer.

Back pain:

Improper sitting for long hours could lead to back pain is known. Pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer could also result in severe back pain in some persons.


Normally, we would not relate getting fever with poor functioning of pancreas. Truth is that unusually high body temperatures might also be due to pancreatitis issues.

High BP:

Pancreatitis can also lead to high blood pressure of high BP in us. The research studies have mentioned that the incidences of intra abdominal hypertension or IAH in those with severe pancreatitis is 60% to 80%.

Cold and moist skin:

Severe pancreatitis can also result in cold body temperatures or clammy skin. So please be careful of this sign also.


Poor functioning of pancreas can also lead to jaundice. Persons would have yellowish skin, yellowish eyes, dark coloured urine etc.

Diarrhoea and constipation:

Poor pancreas function could also be shown by signs like diarrhoea and constipation etc. The nutrients present in the food are prevented from absorbing properly.

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