Surrounded by stomach, intestines etc, pancreas is a glandular organ that is located in the abdomen and it produces pancreatic juices that would help in digestion. Our blood sugar levels would get regulated by pancreas. It is necessary that we must keep the pancreas in good condition. There are certain foods that we must eat for the sake of pancreas health.

The foods are

Intake of garlic:

There are chances of avoiding pancreatic issues when we eat foods like garlic. It must be noted that garlic has sulfur, selenium etc and they would keep our pancreas in good condition. Pancreas cancer would be avoided.

Intake of turmeric:

It is known that turmeric has cucurmin. The presence of anti-inflammatory properties in cucurmin would keep our pancreas healthy.

Intake of cherries:

Our pancreatic health would get supported when we consume cherries. The reason for that is due the presence of antioxidants and perillyl alcohol in the cherries.

Intake of cruciferous vegetables:

Not many of us would be aware of the fact that intake of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale etc would help us to avoid pancreatic cancer etc. This is mainly due to the anti cancer properties of these vegetables.

Intake of sweet potato:

Our pancreas health would be good and we would be able to avoid pancreatic cancer when we eat sweet potatoes. It is known that sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene plus minerals like manganese, copper, vitamins C etc.

Intake of yoghurt:

Not only our gut health would be kept healthy when we eat probiotic rich yoghurt but also our pancreas health. There are lesser chances of pancreatic disorders when we consume yoghurt.

Intake of mushrooms:

There are fibres, potassium, selenium and vitamin D2 in mushrooms. It is believed that by consuming mushrooms we could reduce the inflammation in our pancreas.

Intake of leafy greens:

There would be inhibition of growth of cancer cells in the pancreas when we eat leafy green vegetables. Various examples are spinach, kale, brococcoli etc.

Intake of red grapes:

Resveratrol is a phytochemical that is present in red grapes and it has anti-cancer properties. Hence, the intake of red grapes is good for our pancreas health.

Intake of whole grains:

There are reduced chances of getting pancreatic disorders when we consume whole grains like oats, quinoa etc. These whole grains are rich in fibres, vitamins, minerals etc is well known to us.

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