Vitamin K does not always get its due when compared to other vitamins like A, B, C and D. It is true that the importance of vitamin K must not be overlooked as it plays an important role in us. Point is that vitamin k is not only important in clotting of blood in the bleeding persons but it is also important for those with liver problems etc.

The three forms of vitamin K are vitamin K1, vitamin K2 and vitamin K3. It is worthy to note that K1 assists in blood coagulation, K2 in bone density maintenance.  Vitamin K2 fortifies bone structure and increases bone health by facilitating the transfer of essential nutrients like vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus etc. This was mentioned by Dr. Tribhuvan Gulati belonging to CK. Birla Hospital in Delhi.

Vitamin K for lungs:
Vitamin K also plays a role in lung functioning. It must be taken into account that vitamin K is an essential ally in preserving the forced vital capacity and FEVI or forced expiratory volume in the first second and these are the key markers of lung function. Our lung health would deteriorate when there is less vitamin K plus there could be worsening of COPD, asthma, allergic bronchitis etc in us.

Other functions of vitamin K:
Dr. Gulati spoke about how vitamin K was not only necessary for bone health, bleeding and coagulation profiles of liver patients but also for the normal functioning of the bones. Vitamin K supplementation is much needed for those battling with respiratory ailments, or those who are at risk especially smokers etc.

Diet to reverse vitamin K deficiency:
It is important to eat a diet rich in vitamin K like green leafy vegetables, lean meats, eggs etc. Lung wellness and overall vitality would get better in those persons with conditions like COPD, asthma when they eat the above said foods.

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