Have you ever been affected by digestive issues like diarrhoea, bloating or gas or put on weight etc after consuming artificial sweeteners?

Many of us consume artificial sweeteners instead of sugar these days. To mimic the taste of sugar, the sugar substitute artificial sweeteners are created is well known to us. Mostly these artificial sweeteners are used in foods like deserts, beverages etc. Most widely used artificial sweeteners are aspartame, saccharin, sucralose and stevia etc. It is noteworthy that the artificial sweeteners are much sweeter when compared to the sugars. Hence, just small amounts of artificial sweeteners are needed for achieving the desired levels of sweetness. A person must be careful while consuming artificial sweeteners as it could lead to some serious health issues.

Various side effects of consuming artificial sweeteners are

Increased weight gain issue:
Body`s natural ability to regulate calorie intake would get disrupted when a person consumes artificial sweeteners regularly. This would lead to overeating and the person would gain weight. There are also research studies that show the relation between artificial sweeteners intake and obesity.
More cravings for sweet foods:
Cravings for sugary foods would become more when we consume artificial sweeteners. As a result, our calorie intake would become more. There are more possibilities of over consumption of high calorie and unhealthy processed foods.

Digestive problems:
When a person consumes artificial sweeteners in excess amounts, then he or she would get digestive based issues like bloating, diarrhoea, and gas etc. The balance in the gut would get disrupted and this would result in huge discomfort.

Gut health get affected:
The composition of the gut bacteria would get altered if we consume more artificial sweeteners. This could lead to imbalance in the microbiome. There are more chances of poor immunity etc. Please take care.

More risk of getting metabolic disorders:
A person could get metabolic disorders like type- 2 diabetes and insulin resistance etc when he or she consumes more artificial sweeteners.

More chances of getting heart issues:
It has been brought out by the research study that there exists a direct relation between intake of excess s artificial sweeteners and poor heart health. The person could get heart disease, high blood pressure etc. So, please be careful.

Altered taste perception:
The bitter truth is that regular consumption of artificial sweeteners would alter the taste preferences and perception.  As a result, the naturally sweet tasting foods would become less appealing. By this, we might consume reduced amounts of fruits and vegetables etc leading to poor health.

Potential link to cancer:
It has been revealed by some research studies that long time consumption of artificial sweeteners like aspartame etc could lead to certain types of cancer.

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