We all know that by doing exercises we can get numerous health benefits such as improved cardiac health, improved mood, lower risk of getting chronic health issues like diabetes, obesity etc.

It is worth mentioning here that there are many reports of individuals getting heart strokes right after doing exercise or while exercising also . Shocking but true!!

Point is that exercises cannot lead to heart strokes directly but certain conditions could get triggered or exacerbated by doing exercises. These conditions could cause heart strokes after exercising or while doing exercises.

By these ways, it would be possible to lower the risk of getting heart stroke due to exercises

By starting slowly:
Whenever a person starts doing new exercises, then the person must start slowly and then can increase the intensity gradually. By this, the heart would be able to come to terms with the new demands. By starting fast, huge pressure is put on the heart straighway and this can lead to heart strokes.

By warming up and cooling down:
It is very important to do warm ups before beginning exercises and cool down after completing the exercises. The stress that is put on the heart would get lowered by this. The heart rate would also get reduced.

By staying hydrated:
For the heart to be healthy, it is essential that the person must stay hydrated. The fluids lost during exercising must be replaced by consuming fluids. Hence, drinking water is very important.

By monitoring heart rate:
It is possible to avoid getting heart strokes by keeping a close eye on the heart rate while exercising. We could keep track of the heart rate by using  a heart rate monitor.

By choosing the right exercise:
It is possible to prevent heart stroke by choosing the right type of exercise. Various superb options could be swimming, cycling and walking that are low impact activities. Extra stress would be put on the heart by doing high intense activities like running, jumping etc.

By knowing the limits:
This is also one important way to avoid heart strokes. There are many people who push themselves too hard while doing exercises and heart strokes could occur in these people.  

By staying cool:
We must avoid doing exercises during the time of the day that is very hot as exercising in the hot weather could put too much strain in our hearts. While exercising, we must wear light coloured and loose fitting clothes.

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