When the tonsils present in the throat get inflamed then we could get tonsillitis and it could be both chronic as well as acute type. Mostly, tonsillitis is caused by viral infection and sometimes it is also due to bacterial infection. Persons with tonsillitis would have difficulty in swallowing foods etc. Various persons who could get tonsillitis are children, infants, those with family history, low immunity, smoking etc. There are certain symptoms associated with tonsillitis and these are sore throat, swollen tonsils, difficulty in swallowing, tonsils enlargement, fever, headache, body ache etc. There are also possibilities of getting ear issues, voice changes, enlarged lymph nodes etc in those with tonsillitis.

Various ways to treat tonsillitis at homes are

By taking rest:

By taking plenty of rest in home, immunity would get boosted and healing would be faster. It is known that the best way to rest is by sleeping. It is during sleeping only the body would repair any cell damage and tissue damage etc.

By staying hydrated:

It is highly necessary that we must stay hydrated and this would help in treating tonsillitis. Persons with this issue must drink plenty of water, herbal based teas etc to keep them hydrated. The toxins in the body would get flushed out by drinking water.

By gargling with warm saltwater:

In the first step, a spoon of rock salt must be taken and it must be mixed with water. Then, the mixture must be gargled many times to reduce swelling and to get relief from discomfort in the throat.

By using a humidifier:

To add moisture to air, it is necessary to use a humidifier. By this, the throat would get soothed and dryness would get reduced well.

By using a warm compress:

Those with tonsillitis problems could opt for warm compress also. This would relieve pain and reduce inflammation etc.

By using honey and warm water:

This is also effective in treating tonsillitis issues. Throat irritation would come down due to the soothing properties of honey.

By using lozenges or throat sprays etc:

It is worthy to mention that those with tonsillitis issues could use lozenges or sprays with soothing ingredients like menthol etc. Truth is that lozenges or sprays etc would give relief temporarily only

By cold treats:

The pain in the throat due to tonsillitis would get reduced by cold treats like ice chips, popsicles etc. There would be more blood flow in the area.

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