A piece of information is gathered that the ration shop staff would be engaged in distributing the tokens on house-to-house visits for receiving the Pongal Special Gift Packet from tomorrow (27th December, Tuesday)
The State Government of Tamil Nadu has been offering Pongal Gift packets to the citizens who are family ration card holders every year during the Pongal Festival, also known as `ThamizharThirunaal`!
As such, for the ensuing Pongal Festival in 2023, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. K. Stalin is set to inaugurate this gift packet distribution on 2nd January!
On the same day (2nd January) other ministers are scheduled to inaugurate the Pongal Gift Pack Distribution in other districts!
The ration card holders avail of these benefits by the family head personally visiting the ration shop or any one of the members mentioned in the Famil Ration Card.
This year, for distribution of the Pongal Special Gift Pack of Rs. 1000/- and raw rice and sugar, along with the ration smart card (Raw rice and sugar), fingerprints will also be registered!
The above procedure including fingerprint has been made MANDATORY to prevent any maloperations!
In this situation, to prevent huge crowds from gathering at the ration shops, a toke system will be implemented! As such, it has been planned to distribute the Pongal Special Free Gift packs for 100-200 family ration cards in each ration shop!
The toke distributed will carry the details of the date on which the residents of Thriven Street would get the Pongal Special Free Gift Pack!
The rations shops staff will me house-to-house visits to distribute the tokens carrying details of the date and time to receive the gift pack!
 It has been arranged to offer the Pongal Special gift pack on the given date without congestion on the mentioned date!
As such, it may be noted that the above-mentioned tokens are to be distributed tomorrow (Tuesday, 27th December) and the next day (Wednesday, 27th December)!

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