Our lives would be very tough and horrible if we have alternating good health and body developing certain painful symptoms. This is exactly what happens in those with fibromyalgia issues.

Truth is that it would be daunting to experience peaks and valleys of good health and sudden flaring up of symptoms.  The entire body would hurt if a person has fibromyalgia issue and it is a long lasting chronic medical ailment. There is no exact reason for the occurrence of this painful health issue in us but it might be caused due to stress or certain medical conditions etc. There are chances of getting fibromyalgia if one of the parents has this issue.

There are certain signs that would reveal the presence of fibromyalgia in us

Having widespread pain:
The presence of aching, throbbing and burning pain inside the body is one of the important signs of fibromyalgia. This widespread pain would affect both sides of the body.

Presence of fatigue:
Even after sleeping well at night, persons with this issue would wake up with fatigue. It must be noted that the fatigue would affect their daily activities too.

Having cognitive difficulties:
Memory problems, inability to concentrate and reduced ability to do multitasking etc would show that the person might have fibromyalgia issues.

Presence of morning stiffness:
It is normal for fibromyalgia affected persons to wake up feeling very stiff and with pain. Though the stiffness becomes better after walking et but it would be present throughout the day.

 Presence of headaches:
Those with fibromyalgia issues would have frequent headaches and migraines etc in them. The head aches could be very severe and increase due to muscle tension.

Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS:
Presence of  IBS symptoms alone could be tough for a person. Those with fibromyalgia would have IBS symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating etc in them. Therefore the  presence of IBS is also one sign of fibromyalgia.

Sensitive to touch and pressure:
A common symptom of fibromyalgia is increased sensitivity to touch. Persons with fibromyalgia wowould have pain even if they are touched lightly.

Anxiety and depression:
The emotional wellbeing of  a person would get affected due to chronic pain and fatigue. The person would have issues like anxiety and depression etc.

Numbness and tingling sensation:
Nerve compression or irritation would cause numbness or tingling sensation in those with fibromyalgia issues. The persons would also have pins and needles type of pain in their hands and legs etc.

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