Sometimes, inflammation could occur in us due to excessive intake of water and this is termed as water inflammation. It is true that excess intake of water could disrupt the balance of electrolytes in us. This would then lead to fluid retention or edema and to water inflammation. It is known that persons with edema  would show symptoms like bloating in abdominal area, swelling of legs, weight fluctuations etc
There are few foods that would lower the water inflammation in us.
Foods we must eat to lower water inflammation are
Intake of turmeric:
Cucurmin is a compound with anti-inflammatory properties is known.  Cucurmin is present in turmeric and this can lower the inflammation by inhibiting molecules that are involved in the inflammatory process. It is consumed as a spice or as a supplement etc.
Intake of ginger:
Gingerol present in ginger has got anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties. By blocking the inflammatory pathways in the body, intake of ginger would lower the water inflammation. It can be consumed by adding to food or as tea etc.
Intake of leafy green vegetables:
There are antioxidants, minerals and vitamins present in green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach etc. These would boost our overall health and reduce inflammation to a huge extent. They can be consumed as salads or smoothies etc.
Intake of extra virgin oil:
Olecanthal present in the extra virgin oil has anti-inflammatory properties in it. Truth is that it would act similar to non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs but without side effects.
Intake of berries:
Anthocyanins are present in berries like blueberries, blackberries etc. These would lower water inflammation and protect us from chronic diseases etc.
Intake of tomatoes:
The water based inflammation in us can be lowered by consuming tomatoes containing lycopene.  We can eat tomatoes in both raw and in the cooked form.
Intake of green tea:
By drinking green tea regularly, we can lower water inflammation in us.  It is believed that the polyphenols present in green tea would have an anti-inflammatorory and antioxidant effect. It can be made by brewing green tea leaves or as tea bags.

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