In some persons, their body cells would fail to respond to the insulin resulting in high blood sugar levels. This is known as insulin insensitivity or insulin resistance. It is believed that insulin insensitivity is a precursor to type-2 diabetes. There are various reasons like obesity, sedentary lifestyles and poor food choices etc that would contribute to insulin insensitivity in us.

Persons with insulin insensitivity would show signs like fatigue, excess thirst, excess sugar cravings after meals, darkened skin in body folds, excess belly fat etc.

Daily habits that would improve insulin insensitivity are

By beginning the day with healthy fats:

For breakfast, we must incorporate soaked nuts such as almonds, walnuts etc. By this we could get healthy fats. Not only we would feel full after eating these nuts but also we would be able to improve insulin sensitivity.

By adding protein to breakfast:

Foods like bean chilla and quinoa chilla etc are rich in proteins. Intake of these high protein foods would regulate our blood sugar levels plus keep the levels stable all through the day.

By drinking ACV:

Thirty minutes before meals, we must drink a glass of water with ACV or apple cider vinegar. It is believed that the acetic acid present in ACV would improve our insulin insensitivity. This would help in having better sugar control.

By adding foods rich in magnesium:

It is worthy to mention here that by eating magnesium rich foods like bananas, almonds etc glucose uptake into the cells would be promoted. This would improve insulin action.

By post meal walking:

It would be superb to do a light 10 minute walk after eating meals. Truth is that light walking would improve our digestion and would regulate our blood sugar levels.

By eating lunch at right time:

When the digestion is at its best, that is between 12pm to 2pm, we must eat our lunch. By this, we would have superb digestion plus stable blood sugar levels.

By drinking green tea with cinnamon:

In the evenings, we must drink green tea with cinnamon in it. This would improve our digestion and contribute to balanced blood sugar levels in us.

By including millets:

Being rich in fibre content, millets would slow down glucose absorption and would improve insulin sensitivity.

By mindful eating:

Never eat 100%full and eat just about 80% only. This would avoid over eating and would reduce overall calories intake, support weight management and insulin sensitivity.

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