Do you know that poor teeth or oral health is related to health issues like heart diseases, diabetes and cancers etc?

It is very important that we must give importance to our oral health also just like we give importance to our physical and mental health etc. It must be taken into account that teeth not only help us to chew and speak but it would also reveal certain health issues in us. According to a senior dentist it was very clear that periodontitis issue is linked with severe diabetes or type 2 diabetes in the persons. Truth is that early signs of pregnancy are also revealed with the help of gum bleeding etc.

Various health issues that our teeth could reveal are

Reveals diabetes:

By examining the teeth and oral cavity, dentists would be able to identify signs of diabetes. Overall immune system would become weakened due to diabetes and this would lead to tooth loss, gum diseases etc in the mouth. Please be careful.

Reveals nutritional deficiency:

We could get poor overall health due to malnutrition and due to dietary deficiencies etc. Deficiency of vitamin D could result in oral diseases like tooth  malformations, tooth decay etc.

Reveals osteoporosis:

When the density of the bones that support teeth decreases ( osteoporosis) then it would lead to teeth fall. Researchers have brought to light about the relation between osteoporosis or reduced bone density and periodontitis.

Reveals heart disease:

Those with heart disease could have gum and periodontal infections in them. It is true that heart attack and strokes etc are directly related to gum disease and tooth loss etc.

Reveals excess stress:

These days, we all have one common issue and that is stress. It is said that prolonged stress could affect our oral cavity and teeth etc. Certain persons would show their excess stress by grinding their teeth or also called bruxism. This is associated with TMJ dysfunction.

Reveals eating disorders:

Teeth and oral cavity could get damaged when we have eating disorders such as bulimia that are responsible for nutritional disturbances.. People could have bleeding gums  etc.

Reveals Alzheiners disease etc:

It was mentioned by some studies that  old persons with a history of dental issues had Alzheimer`s Disease or AD and cognitive dysfunction in them when compared to others without any dental infections etc. It would be possible to delay AD by brushing teeth well and combining with flossing etc.

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