Belonging to the family Rosaceae, small and highly nutritious apricots could be consumed in both fresh as well as in dried forms. It must be noted that apricot is a small tree that grows to a height of 8m to 12m and the leaves are ovate 5cm to 9cm in length with rounded base. Point is that the fruit is drupe just similar to peach fruit. The dried apricots contain flavonoids like catechin, quercetin plus fibers, vitamin A and vitamin C and vitamin E etc. it is important to eat atleast half cup of dried apricots daily.

There are many health benefits of eating dried apricots such as

Highly nutritious:
It must be noted that apricots are rich in fibres, potassium, vitamins like A, C, antioxidants and carotene etc. Hence, by consuming dried apricots, our health would become better.

Good for eye health:
The presence of vitamins like A, E in apricots would improve our eye health. The eye related issues would get lowered by vitamin A. Our eyes would get protected from free radical damage by vitamin E.

Lowers BP:
It is known that potassium plays a huge role in maintaining blood pressure in us. Dried apricots are rich in potassium. Hence, our BP would get lowered and hypertension would be avoided.

Good for digestion:
The presence of dietary fibres in dried apricots would help in the digestion and it would prevent issues like constipation etc in us. Gut health would be improved.

Improves bone density:
There would be bone density loss in post menopausal women and elders etc. This is a reason for issues like osteoarthritis etc. These persons when they eat dried apricots containing Boron, their bone health would get better.

Promotes skin health:
Another important benefit of dried apricot intake is that it improves skin health. This is due to the presence of many vitamins and others present in dried apricots.

Prevents anaemia:
Especially pregnant and menstruating females would have anaemia where the blood might not have healthy RBC to transport sufficient oxygen to body tissues. It must be noted that this iron deficiency anaemia could be avoided by eating dried apricots.

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