Detoxification refers to a process of removal of toxic substances by which the immune system in us would get strengthened. In addition, our skin would get rejuvenated plus mental health would get boosted etc. By bringing the balance back in our lives and helping our system to work correctly, detoxification plays a huge role.

Detox of liver would involve one or more of these-

  • Eating a liver friendly food
  • Avoiding certain foods
  • Going on juice fasting
  • Cleansing the colon and gut with the help of enemas
  • Taking toxins designed to flush toxins out of the liver.

It is worthy to note here that metabolic process and liver disease could occur due to the sick liver and it would be possible to treat liver problems and detox liver by eating these fruits.
Various fruits that would detox liver effectively are

Apples intake:
By regulating the liver serum and lipid levels due to the presence of pectin and polyphenol content in the apples, intake of apples play a crucial role in detoxifying the liver. The anti-inflammatory properties of apples would protect the liver against fatty liver disease and would help in cleansing of the liver.

Raspberries intake:
The damage of the liver could be prevented by eating raspberries rich in antioxidants etc. So it would be superb to eat this fruit for the liver detoxification process.

Bananas intake:
Bananas are rich in vitamin B6 C and A. the presence of resistant starch is healthy for the liver. It must be taken into account that these nutrients would make sure that our liver would operate properly.

Grapes intake:
The ingredient named resveratrol present in the grapes has anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties in it. This would in turn increase the levels of antioxidants plus lower the oxidative stress etc in us and prevent damage to the cells.

Figs intake:
It is worth mentioning here that liver problems could be cured by eating figs that have both antioxidants as well as hepatoprotective properties etc in them. Hence, intake of figs would be superb for detoxing the liver.

Avocados intake:
Glutathione is present in avocados and it would promote liver health and would protect the liver from overload of toxins. Cleansing action of the liver would get boosted.

Prickly pear intake:
Not many would know that prickly pear intake would help in detox of liver. Intake of prickly pear would protect the liver from alcohol poisoning.

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