Kiln fired rock salt with a pungent smell is black salt. Also known as Kala Namak, black salt is used in the Indian subcontinent is well known. This black salt has many nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium etc. It is believed that consuming black salt would be superb for our health. The 3 types of black salt are namely black ritual salt, black lava salt and Himalayan black salt.

Important note:
Pregnant mothers and hypertension patients must never consume black salt in excess as it could cause serious issues for them.

Health benefits we could get by consuming black salt are

Helps in weight loss:
Accumulation of fats would be prevented by intake of black salt. This would be carried out by dissolving enzymes and lipids etc.

Treats constipation:
It would be possible to treat constipation, stomach irritation etc by intake of black salt. Issues like gas and bloating would be relieved.

Provides relief from muscle cramps etc:
For the smooth functioning of the muscles mineral potassium is very much needed. Intake of black salt would provide us with potassium and this would provide relief from muscle cramps etc.

Lowers water retention:
Water retention in the body is due to excess intake of sodium. The low sodium content in the black salt would be superb for water retention.

Cures heartburns:
Many of us have this heartburn problem due to acid accumulation inside the stomach. The alkaline nature of the black salt would help balance the acid production and would treat heartburns.

Skin cleaner:
Our skin would get a natural glow when we use black salt along with cleanser or scrub. By this, the dead cells would be removed.

Reduces dandruff and hair fall etc:
The issue of dandruff would be reduced by consuming black salt with minerals. The hair would get strengthened. The split ends would also get treated.

Good detoxifying agent:
All the toxins present in the body would be removed by the intake of black salt. Black salt is a natural detoxifier. It is good to add one tablespoon of black salt in a glass of water and consume it on an empty stomach.

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