In the future, less coal dust will be emitted from the thermal power plant in north Chennai!!

In the first week of December in 2022, Tamil Nadu`s first single unit of 800 MW coal based north Chennai thermal power stage-3 station would be commissioned. An amount of Rs 6376 cr has been spent for this thermal power station is known.

The thermal power station should have been inaugurated in 2019 itself but has been delayed due to Coronavirus infection pandemic plus due to some technical issues. This was stated by an official belonging to Tangedco.

The advantage of this new thermal power station (that has been built using the latest technology) would be that less coal would be consumed and less coal dust would be emitted when compared to other thermal plants. In addition to these, Tamil Nadu`s dependency on private power would be brought down.

According to the FSA or Fuel Supply agreement, Tangedco must get 23.76 metric tonnes per year; it has received just 17.11 metric tonnes or 72percent of the stipulated quantity in 2021-22. This was brought to light by an officer from Tangedco. More coal would be needed when the new plant begins its operations and a request has been sent to Centre to allott an entire quantum as per FSA.

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