Not only winters will bring cool air, but it will also bring ear pain too. Yes it`s true.  So, we must be very careful during winters while going out. Winters with low temperatures would increase our sensitivity to many issues. Ear pain in the winters could be due to sinus infection mostly. It is known that sinuses are present close to the ears and congestion in the sinuses would lead to ear pressure. This would result in ear pain in us.

Various ways by which we can protect our ears during winters are

By wearing warm cap:
It must be noted that by wearing a warm cap we would be able to shield our ears well and with ease from the cold. It would be superb to use fleece or wool to cover the ears while going out in the biting cold.

By wrapping up with muffler:
There would be an extra layer of protection when we wear a muffler along with a cap. It is necessary to cover the neck well with a muffler while going out in the cold weather. By wearing a muffler, we not only get a stylish look but also it would act as a barrier against weather.

By treating cold promptly:
During the winters, cold and respiratory based infections would exacerbate the ear pain in us. In order to prevent the spreading of sinus infection to ears, we must try to treat the cold promptly. Through prompt care, the chances of ear based problems would be reduced.

By moisturising ears:
It is a known fact that cold weather would result in dry skin. In the same way, cold weather would affect ears too. To avoid this, we must keep our ears hydrated with the help of an oil or mild hypoallergenic lotion etc.

By avoiding excess ear cleaning:
There are many who clean their ears excessively. This must be avoided totally. This would make the ears lose natural oils and by this there are more chances of getting ear pain etc easily. Outer ear must be cleaned using a gentle non-invasive method. Never insert objects inside the ear canal as it would lead to ear damage etc.

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