A red orange coloured pigment that is present in many plants and fruits etc is beta carotene. It belongs to the group known as carotenoids are known to us.  It is noteworthy that vegetables such as spinach, carrots, tomatoes etc are super foods and they all have beta carotene in them.

Various benefits of beta carotene are

Good for eye health:
For the proper functioning of the retina, vitamin A is needed. The beta carotene gets converted into vitamin A and this would help us to have a superb vision etc.

Antioxidant protection:
The harmful radicals in our body get neutralised by the beta carotene that would act as antioxidant. By this, the chances of getting chronic health issues would be reduced. One important example is that the chances of getting heart disease are lowered.
Immune system support:
We could have a strong immune system and due to this our body`s defence against diseases and infections would get improved.

Improved cognitive functions:
We would have improved cognitive functions like memory power, learning etc by when beta carotene is combined with nutrients having higher antioxidant properties like vitamins C and E etc.

Good for skin health:
It is worthy to mention here that beta carotene would protect us from harmful UV radiations. The chances of getting sun burns etc would get lowered. The beta carotene would give the skin an inside out glow.

Recommended daily intake of beta carotene:
An adult must consume 3000 to 6000 micrograms of beta carotene daily. When an adult consumes beta carotene in excess amounts then he or she would get a condition called carotenemia. The condition would make the skin turn yellowish orange.

Lowers chances of certain cancers:
It must be noted that by consuming beta carotene the chances of getting cancers like breast cancer, lung cancer and pancreas cancer etc would get lowered.

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