Special buses have been deployed for a 3-day period to facilitate the return of citizens who had traveled to their native places to celebrate the Deepavali Festival, until the 15th of November. Elaborate arrangements have been made in this regard by the respective transport corporations.

The Deepavali festival was celebrated the day before yesterday, on Sunday, 12th November. A significant number of citizens, residents of major cities throughout India, undertook the journey to their respective places to celebrate Deepavali. For this purpose, special buses were operated by the Transport Corporations from the 9th to the 11th of November.

In addition to the daily operation of 2100 buses, an additional 1415 special buses were operated on these days. The Tamil Nadu State Government Transport Corporations alone operated more than 8000 special buses during these 3 days. As a result, 4.5 Lakh passengers utilized these special buses for their travel.

Moreover, 1.50 lakh passengers opted for omnibuses for their journey.

In total, approximately 8 lakh passengers traveled from the Chennai Metro City to their native places during this period.

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