If you sit for a long time at one place without moving, then please be careful!!

It is true that many of us just sit at one place without moving and work from the desk or watch television continuously. These days, the sedentary lifestyle has become so common. It has been mentioned by the doctors that just sitting without any movement could lead to heart attacks and strokes plus many other serious health problems. Just like how alcohol intake, smoking or eating junk foods etc could be very dangerous for our health, sitting continuously for a long time is also dangerous.

By sitting for a long time without any movement, we not only accumulate more calories but also do injustice to our bones and muscles also. The bones and muscles would become stiff if we don`t move at all.

Various ways by which sitting for a long time at one place can cause heart attacks etc in us

Increased risk of atherosclerosis:

The presence of atherosclerosis or build up of plaque in the arteries would make us more prone to heart attacks etc. When we sit for long periods without any movement, then the blood flow in us would get reduced. The body`s mechanisms to remove fatty deposits would be reduced. Truth is that this would increase the development of atherosclerosis or narrowing of arteries due to fatty deposits leading to heart attacks etc.

Impaired blood circulation:

The blood circulation in the lower limbs would be reduced when we sit continuously for a longer period. By this, we could get blood clots, deep vein thrombosis or DVT etc and finally heart attack. It is highly essential for the blood to flow smoothly and this would be possible only by the regular movement of lower limbs.

Increased blood pressure:

By sitting for a long time continuously, the blood pressure would become elevated. This is due to the fact that lack of movement would lead to reduced blood flow and then to hypertension etc. This would lead to cardiovascular diseases etc. It is noteworthy that by moving in between our BP would get lowered and heart health would be superb.

Increased risk of obesity:

By sitting continuously for a long duration, then there are more chances of weight gain or we would become more obese. This excess body weight would put more pressure on the heart. There would be more chances of pulmonary embolism, heart attacks etc in us. Reduced sitting and doing exercises regularly would help us to manage our weight well. This would improve the heart health also.

Unfavourable lipid profile:

It is worth mentioning here that sitting for long periods without any movement would lead to increased bad cholesterol and reduced good cholesterol in us. This could lead to the build up of plaque in the arteries and more chances of heart attacks etc.

Ways to avoid excessive sitting:

There are several ways by which we can avoid excessive sitting like moving regularly, by standing and working, by scheduling active breaks in between, by doing exercises regularly etc.

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