The news that has come out now is that the Environment, Forest and Climate Change dept has been planning to convert 10 villages in the state of Tn into climate smart villages. The main objective behind this would be to create working models for bringing grassroot level changes in combating climate change.
To conserve the environment and to fight climate change,TN Climate Change Mission would be implemented along with other initiatives taken up by the government. This was brought out by Supriya Sahu, department secretary. In coordination with the WRI or World Research Institute,10 villages have already been identified to be converted into climate smart villages. She then spoke about how an action plan has been proposed to implement the initiative.
Point is that most of the villages that have been identified are present near the tourist spots. As a result, there is more stress on these tourist spots due to high footfalls. Promoting renewable energy like solar plus treating and reusing waste water etc would be focussed by the initiative. For other villages, these 10 selected villages would act as role models. In a few days, the entire list of the selected villages would be released.
The nature and needs of the villages would be different and this was according to Mr. Arivudai Nambi, WRI India. It is learnt that the project would include all the important aspects like treated water for agriculture, encouraging electric vehicles for the villagers etc. The specific needs of the villages would be kept in mind.
It must be recalled that in the last few months 13 wetlands in TN have been announced as Ramsar sites and steps have been taken to add 7 more to the list. Twenty years back just one Ramsar site was announced is known. This was also pointed out by Supriya Sahu.

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