Passing stools every day is a natural process!! Imagine our lives if this natural process becomes difficult!!

A person is said to suffer from constipation problems when there are less than 3 bowel movements or passing stools in a week. This is a common issue we all get in our lives at some point of time (mostly in senior persons) due to various reasons. When a person has constipation then the stools of the person would become hard and difficult to pass.

There are various symptoms of constipation such as hard stools, difficulty in passing stools, feeling as though there is some blockage in the rectum, feeling as though stools are not emptied fully from the rectum etc. It is possible to avoid this constipation issue by leading a healthy, happy life, by eating the right amount of foods, doing physical exercises plus by drinking lots of water throughout the day etc.

By drinking these superb and effective liquids, we could avoid or get relief from the constipation issue

By drinking water:

We could get relief from constipation or even avoid it by drinking lots of water and keeping ourselves hydrated. By this the nutrients would be processed faster. There would be regular bowel movements in us.

By drinking lemon juice:

It is possible to cure constipation by drinking lemon juice. The toxins present in the digestive tract would be fought effectively by citric acid in lemon juice. Toxins would be flushed out easily by lemon juice that acts as a stimulant.

By drinking coffee:

Drinking coffee would also provide a superb solution for the issue of constipation in us. The caffeine present in the coffee would stimulate the muscles in the digestive system. This would help us to pass stools easily.

By drinking ginger tea:

Drinking ginger tea would also provide a solution to treat constipation effectively. The sluggish digestion would get speeded up by the heat generated by drinking ginger tea.

By drinking castor oil:

This castor oil is a triglyceride and has got superb antibacterial properties and antimicrobial properties etc. Drinking castor oil could provide us huge relief from constipation and. passing stools would become easy.

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