The Famous Mandala Poojai at the Sabarimalai Lord Sri Ayyappan temple is being observed traditionally over a period of 41 days!
For this holy occasion of Mandala Poojai, the temple corridors of the Lord Sri Ayyappan temple were opened on Wednesday (16th November).
Subsequently, the devotees who carried `Irumudi` were allowed to climb the 18 steps!
With the temple corridors having been opened for the occasions of Makara Poojai and Mandala Poojai, there was a swarming crowd of devotees on the first day of the Tamil/Malayalam Calendar month of Karthigai.
Devotees stood in long queues right from 4.00 AM in the morning and had Darshan of Lord Sri Ayyappan.
Large numbers of devotees had come from the States of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra for the Darshan on the 1st Day of the Tamil/Malayalam calendar month Karthigai!
It rained intermittently in the afternoon! In this situation, the temple corridors were closed at 1.00 PM and then opened at 4.00 PM and the devotees allowed for Darshan!
Deeparadhanai was performed at 6.30 PM..
Subsequently, it started raining very heavily! The devotees, standing in very long queues, got drenched completely and waited for the Darshan in the queue chanting `Samiye Saranam Ayyappa!!`
Following Deeparadhana, `Pushpabhishekham` was performed at 7.00 PM! `Athazha Pooja` was performed at 9.00 PM.  The stotram/song `Harivaraasanam` was chanted/played at 10.50 PM and the temple corridors were closed at 11.00 PM!
Mandala Poojai is scheduled to be performed until 27th December!
Devotees will be allowed to have Darshan of Lord Sri Ayyappan daily from 4.00 AM until 1.00 PM and again from 4.00 PM until 11.00 PM.

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