In certain persons, the airways would become inflamed and narrowed and this is termed as asthma. It is a chronic respiratory condition that can result in wheezing,  breathlessness,  coughing etc. There Are several causes for the symptoms of asthma and these are allergens, irritants, respiratory infections etc. It is important to note that asthma can also be due to allergy and allergic asthma is a common type of asthma.

Therefore, those with asthma must be very careful about various allergies that could trigger or increase their condition. These allergies are

Allergy due to pollen:
Those persons with asthma would get affected badly due to pollen from trees, grass etc. It is worthy to note that when inhaled pollen could irritate the airways resulting in asthma symptoms.

Allergy due to dust mites:
In the mattresses, pillows and carpets etc, there are dust mites present and these could lead to asthma in those persons who are allergic to them.

Allergy to pet dander:
Asthma symptoms can be possible due to the allergens present in the skin flakes, urine , saliva of animals like dogs, cats etc. It is said that those with asthma must avoid close contact with such allergies,

Allergy due to mould:
Mould would grow in damp places like bathrooms, basements etc. Truth is that when we inhale the mould spores then our asthma symptoms would become worse.

Allergy due to cockroaches:
Persons with asthma could get affected by the droppings, saliva and decaying parts of the cockroaches. Hence, keeping the house neat and clean plus sealing any crack openings etc would be good.

Allergy due to foods:
Asthmatic reactions can be triggered due to certain allergies to foods like peanuts, eggs, shellfish etc. It is mentioned that the persons who are allergic to these foods must be very careful while consuming them.

Allergy to scents etc:
Those persons with asthma must be careful regarding strong odour like perfumes, chemicals, cleaning agents etc.

Allergy to certain medications:
Therere are some persons with asthma who are allergic to certain medications like beta blockers, NSAIDs etc. To avoid potent asthma exacerbations, it is highly necessary that the person must inform the doctors about the drug allergies.

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