The central Government has ordered that the pensioners of the central government and Pensioners of the Employee Provident Fund MUST provide a `PROOF OF LIVING` certificate (Jeevan Praman) from 1st November.
However, pensioners, and senior citizens, face a huge lot of hardships in directly visiting the concerned office and furnishing Proof of Living.
In this scenario, on behalf of the India Post Payment, an arrangement has been made to provide the pensioners with the facility to get a Digital Proof of Living Certificate through the biometric system.
Pensioners have to furnish the details of their Aadhar card number, Mobile phone number, PPO Number and pension details and register the fingerprint. THE DIGITAL PROOF OF LIVING CERTIFICATE CAN BE OBTAINED IN 1 OR 2 MINUTES!
For this service, the pensioner needs to pay Rs. 70/- as a service charge to the postman.
The pensioners interested in the above scheme can contact their local postman or the nearest Post Office!
Further, the Senior Postal Superintendent has informed that the pensioners can register their fingerprints by visiting the website: OR using the App `Postinfo` and requesting this facility!

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