How many of us are aware that undernutrition is responsible for about 45% of deaths among the children below the age of 5? Yes, this shocking fact has been revealed by the World Health organisation or WHO.

It is the duty of every parent to understand and address the common nutritional deficiencies of their kids. Truth is that ensuring the well being of the child goes well beyond just a balanced diet intake. It is noteworthy that the common nutritional deficiency in the kids is due to calcium, magnesium, potassium, protein, vitamins D, E, B12 etc. There are few signs that would reveal that the child has poor nutrition. The signs are kids being underweight, overweight or obese, being pale, lethargic, changes in the bowel movements etc.

Parents must know about these common nutritional deficiencies in their kids.

Iron deficiency:
For carrying oxygen from lungs to other body tissues, iron plays a huge role. Parents must introduce iron rich foods to their kids when they go from infancy to toddler. For the sake of iron, the kids must be given beans, beetroot juice etc.

Vitamin D deficiency:
Parents must give their babies 400IU per day and older kids would require 600IU of vitamin D. It must be noted that this vitamin would help in bone strength, immunity etc. It is essential that the parents must give kids fortified foods like milk, yoghurt etc.

Zinc deficiency:
For the growth, immunity n for cognitive development, zinc is very essential for the kids. The zinc requirements would fluctuate from birth to adolescence. For the well rounded development kids must be given foods like dairy, seeds, nuts, whole grains, meat etc.

Calcium deficiency:
For the development of string bones, kids must be given calcium compulsorily by their parents. Foods like tofu, green leafy vegetables, fish and fortified cereals would be superb.

Vitamin B12 deficiency:
This vitamin plays an important role in supporting red blood cells, cognitive development, energy conversion etc. The vitamin B12 rich foods like meat, dairy would be superb for the kids. It is very important to keep an eye on the kids born to vitamin B12 deficient mothers or those with certain digestion issues etc.

Potassium deficiency:
Potassium is necessary for supporting muscle growth, nervrve function plus overall development etc. Parents must give their kids foods like fruits, vegetables, beans etc.

Fibre deficiency:
The digestive health as well as the heart health would be superb by fibre intake. It has been brought out by the studies that many kids miss out on the recommended fibre intake. Examples of fibre rich foods are beans, whole grains, apples etc.

Correcting the nutritional deficiencies would take between 6weeks and 3 months. Therefore, 3 months of supplementation must be aimed at

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