The birth of a newborn or baby would bring huge happiness for the parent is a well known fact. The responsibility of the parents would begin from the day one after giving birth. The bitter fact is that newborns are highly prone to many infections, health issues etc due to their weak immune system. Therefore, it is the duty of the parents to   be proactive in preventing infections etc in their newborns.

There are certain health issues, diseases which newborn could get affected with and these are

Preterm birth or low birth weight issue:
This is a serious issue and many newborns get affected by this. It has been shown that nearly 40% of the newborns weigh less than 2.5kgs. It must be taken into account that due to the difficulty associated with regulating the body temperature, nursing challenges, more risk of getting jaundice etc, newborn would need specialised care in neonatal intensive care units or NICUS. The newborns could have healthier start if the mother maintains a healthy lifestyle during her pregnancy and seeks immediate attention for the signs of preterm labour.

It is true that newborns would have an underdeveloped immune system and they would be highly susceptible to infections etc. Infections could be avoided by maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. It is possible to reduce infections in the newborns by rigorous hand washing plus minimising exposure to those with illness etc.

Immature liver function could result in jaundice in the newborns. This jaundice is also known as physiological jaundice. Blood group incompatibility could also lead to severe infant jaundice in the newborns and this is due to negative blood groups of the mother.

Breathing issues:
The increased surfactant levels in the lungs would lead to breathing problems in the newborns and this is called respiratory distress syndrome or RDS. It is noteworthy that babies with RDS would require a ventilator.

Birth defects or congenital disorders:
It is shocking to note 3-5% of newborns are born with congenital disorders. Prenatal screenings could help to identify these issues easily.

Preventive action for the wellbeing of the newborns:
Truth is that the parents must take care of their own health by knowing about the common diseases and issues that could affect their newborns. It is necessary that paparents must go for regular checkups plus maintain strict sanitation and undergo medical treatment etc for the wellbeing of their newborns.

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