In children, pancreas would get inflamed and this condition is termed as paediatric pancreatitis. It is worthy to mention here that this condition affects the adults mostly and it could affect the children too less frequently. In the children, this condition occurs due to several reasons like injury to the abdomen, presence of gallstones, certain medicines and infections etc. Metabolic disorders like hypercalcemia etc can also lead to paediatric pancreatitis in the children. Sometimes, genetic mutations can also play a role in the development of this condition in children.

Symptoms associated with paediatric pancreatitis are

Pain in abdomen:

Children with this condition would have pain in their abdomen and would find it very difficult. Point to be noted is that the persistent severe pain would radiate to the back.

Nausea and vomiting:

Nausea and vomiting would be seen in the children having this issue. Truth is that the abdominal discomfort would get increased due to nausea and vomiting etc.


If there is an underlying condition, fever would accompany pancreatitis condition.


There are chances that the child might get affected by jaundice also due to pancreatitis condition. So, this is also another important symptom. It is worthy to note that jaundice occurs when pancreatitis is due to gallstones.

Treatments for pancreatitis:

By fluid and electrolyte replacement:

To maintain hydration, intravenous fluids could be administered. Electrolyte imbalances could be corrected by this.

By pain management:

It is important that the child must be free from abdominal pain. For this sake, medicines like acetaminophen, NSAIDS etc would be prescribed by the doctor.

By NG tube insertion:

To drain the contents present in the stomach and to provide relief from pressure etc, NG or non-gastric tube might be inserted in the stomach of the child.

Nutrition based:

First, the child with pancreatitis would have to fast temporarily. Then, the child would be given a clear liquid diet followed by a solid diet.

Treating underlying causes:

It must be noted that if pancreatitis is secondary to gallstones or other underlying condition etc surgery or medication might be considered.

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