Have you gone to your office today in a hurry without eating your breakfast?

The bitter fact is that there are many who skip their breakfast totally due to various reasons. This must not be done as it could lead to several health issues. To kick start our metabolism and fuel our day, intake of breakfast would provide us with essential nutrients and energy.

When we do not eat breakfast then there are chances of missing out on some important nutrients. Point is that persons who skip breakfast would consume high calorie foods and sugary foods later in the day. This would negatively impact health.

These are the reasons why we must never skip our breakfast.

Reduced energy levels:
When we do not eat breakfast, then we might feel lethargic and have low energy levels. Therefore, it is highly necessary that we must eat nutritious breakfast rich in proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats etc.

Impaired concentration & memory:
For the brains to function optimally, it is necessary to eat breakfast. We must eat brain boosting foods like whole grains, fruits etc.

Increased appetite and overeating:
There are chances of increased hunger later in the day when we skip our breakfast. As a result, we might eat more food. We might also gain weight by this. So, please take care and eat a healthy breakfast that will make us feel full.

Nutrients deficiencies:
By eating breakfast, we consume foods rich in vitamins, minerals and fibres etc. By this, we would overcome the nutrient deficiency which would be there when we skip our breakfast. Nutrient dense foods must be consumed without fail.

More chances of chronic diseases:
We might get heart diseases, type 2 diabetes & obesity etc when we skip our breakfast. It is essential that we must make breakfast a priority.

Mood fluctuations:
By not eating breakfast, we might get mood swings, irritation etc. It is important to eat breakfast that would stabilise our blood sugar levels.

Digestion issues:
Our digestive system would be in rest phasase due to overnight fast. By eating breakfast, the digestive system would get kick started in us. By avoiding breakfast, we might get issues like constipation etc. So, never avoid breakfast.

Poor physical performance:
When we don`t eat breakfast, then our body might lack the necessary fuel for carrying out the physical activities. Therefore, it is necessary to eat carbohydrates rich breakfast for getting sustained energy for doing daily activities etc.

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