If we sit for a long time at one particular place without any movement of our legs, then we could get deep vein thrombosis or DVT. Shocking but true!!

It must be noted that DVT is also known as blood clot. In our legs, there are veins that are present very deep and DVT would affect these veins in us. Point is that a blood clot would develop in one or more deep veins that are present in our legs. A person with DVT would show few symptoms like cramps, discolouration, swelling, pain and redness etc. It is also possible to get DVT when a person is obese, has high BP and has a diabetes condition etc.

It is important to mention here that when a part of the blood clot breaks and goes to the lungs, then it is known as pulmonary embolism. This is really a serious condition and could become fatal also.

Several important factors that could lead to the formation of blood clots in us:
  • Being obese
  • Age that is the risk increases after 40
  • Recent injury or surgery
  • Use of oestrogen containing contraceptives
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Limited mobility
  • Presence of varicose veins etc

How to reduce the risk of getting DVT and protect ourselves:
When going on long trips, it is necessary to move our legs and exercise the calf muscles. It is also important to stretch the legs and then pull each leg towards the chest and hold it for about 15 to 20 seconds. This must be repeated again and again for about 10 times during the long journey. Those who are at high risk of getting DVT must consult a doctor compulsorily.

Treatment for DVT:
Those with DVT must take blood thinning medications like heparin and warfarin etc. It is noteworthy that these medications work by allowing the blood to flow around the trapped clot. The medications would also prevent the blood clots from travelling towards lungs. Use of support stockings is also one method of treating deep vein thrombosis. For serious types of DVT, clot busters like thrombolytics are also used.

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