Cancer can affect both males as well as females are a well known fact. There are many cancer cases getting reported these days. It is true that the etiology of most cancer cases remains unknown to the doctors. These days, many patients come to the doctors with oral cancers but they do not have a history of intake of tobacco. Many get affected by lung cancer now. It is really shocking to note that many of these patients have not smoked even a single cigar in their lives. Even in the fittest, intestinal cancers occur and turn their lives upside down.
It has been revealed that one in 9 men and 1 in 12 women might get affected by cancers. This was according to a report from IARC of the World Health Organisation or WHO.
There are certain cancers that occur in men only and these are
Prostate cancer:
One of the most common cancers that occur in males is prostate cancer. This cancer starts from the prostate gland present in the men. Truth is that men above the age of 50 are more prone to get affected by prostate cancer.
Lung cancer:
Lung cancer in men is mainly due to smoking. It is possible to lower the chances of getting lung cancer by quitting smoking completely plus avoiding exposure to secondhand smoke etc.
Colorectal cancer:
Precancerous polyps could result in colorectal cancer and this cancer would affect the colon or rectum. Various risk factors associated with this cancer are age, family history, diet, absence of physical activity etc.
Testicular cancer:
If detected early, this cancer can be treated well. This cancer affects mostly young persons.  Various risk factors associated with testicular cancer are undescended testicles, family history etc.
Urinary bladder cancer:
Mostly, older men get bladder cancer. This cancer can also occur in those who smoke excessively and in those w who are exposed to certain chemicals. There are few symptoms of bladder cancer like frequent urination, urine with blood, pain during urination etc.
Skin cancer:
Melanoma is one type of skin cancer that would affect males.  By means of sun safety precautions, it would be possible for men to avoid this cancer in them.
Tips for men to avoid the risk of cancer in them:
 By eating a well balanced diet plus doing exercises regularly. These would lead to a healthy body weight
 By quitting smoking or avoiding second hand smoke etc
 By reducing the intake of alcohol
 By wearing sunscreen and protective clothing etc
 By intake of plenty of fruits, vegetables etc
– By means of regular screenings and checkups as mentioned by doctor
 Doing regular physical activity etc
– By being aware of family history

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