For this year`s upcoming festivals like Ayudha puja and Deepavali, Aavin has been receiving orders for sweets now. New packaging and screening methods have been introduced by Aavin to make the sweets more reliable.
Modified atmospheric packaging:
A semiautomatic packaging machine called modified automatic packaging or MOP has been introduced by Aavin now. This has caught the attention of many. It is learnt that sweets would be placed inside a sweet box and the box would be sent inside MAP and carbon dioxide and nitrogen would be sent by the machine in a certain fixed ratio. Point is that this would seal the box containing sweets with a thick airtight plastic cover. The advantage is that this type of packaging would increase the shelf life of the sweets.
Last year, the sweets manufactured by Aavin had a shelf life of just 7 days but now the sweets would have a shelf life of 15 days. This would increase the value of sweets prepared by Aavin and would bring in more customers. This was according to some officials at the Ambattur based Dairy Products plant.
The dairy minister Mr. S.M. Nazar launched 8 special sweet varieties for this Deepavali festival. It is known that Aavin has more than 225 varieties of sweets.
There is a wrong belief among the customers that Aavin being a government subsidiary that it would not be on par with the private dairy companies and products etc. Now, to bring out the standard products into the market and to remove the wrong belief, the officers belonging to Aavin have been working very hard. Mechanism of checks and balances in the dairy products has been given huge importance for a long time by Aavin. Now, there is a new system in Aavin where the officers who make mistakes are identified and held responsible.
Quality testing:
It must be noted that once the production gets completed milk and milk products are segregated into separate batches. For quality control testing, samples from each batch are taken. As per the MD of Aavin Mr. N. Subbian, it was clear that batch number and batch sample would be tested if Aavin received any complaint on the products. For faulty samples, action would be taken on the officer responsible for the particular batch. Now, more focusing is being done on the quality of the products.
It is noteworthy that the products manufactured at the Ambattur plant are clean and the workers wear plastic cups at the work spot. It is true that all the workers also wear facemasks. They all wear gloves also except those workers who work at milk sweets. Point is that most machines used are semi-automatic type and it is compulsory that workers wear caps, face masks and gloves etc.

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