There are about 6000 posts for teachers in the TN government schools that are vacant. The news now is that the school education department has decided to fill up these 6000 vacant posts in the government schools across TN.

There are 38000 govt schools in the state of TN and in these schools as many as 1000 posts for the senior teachers, 1000 posts for graduate teachers, 2000 teacher posts have been vacant. The school education dept has also decided to fill up vacant posts present in the middle schools in the state.

To provide good quality education for the students studying in the classes 6th to 8th, the school education dept has decided to appoint graduate teachers. It has been brought to light that in the middle schools and in the high schools only science and accounting subjects were given lots of importance and subjects like Tamil and social sciences were neglected. As a result, there is now  a huge demand to appoint teachers for subjects like Tamil and social sciences etc. It is now expected that the appointments would be made in the middle schools by giving importance to the neglected subjects.

Now, it has been emphasized that the teachers must be appointed on the basis of the qualification test instead of not conducting re-appointment exams. This is for those who have passed the teachers qualification exam. In this scenario, the Tn govt has decided to fill up the 6000 vacancies for teachers soon and the teachers would be appointed only based on merit.

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