We might get a false sense of security by consuming multivitamins instead of a healthy diet. For the human body to function properly, groups of vitamins are used often with minerals etc and this is called multivitamin. For the sake of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, it is necessary that we must consume multivitamins in appropriate amounts and not in excess.

Who all needs multivitamins?

Multivitamins are recommended normally by the doctors when a person has GI conditions or after a person has undergone weight loss surgeries etc.

There are some side effects that we could get by consuming multivitamins. They are

Toxicity of fat soluble vitamins:
It must be noted that fat soluble vitamins such as vitamins A.D.E and K can accumulate in the body and this would lead to toxicity when consumed in excess amounts. Not many of us would know that excess intake of vitamin A or Vitamin A toxicity could lead to dizziness, nausea etc. There are also chances of liver damage.

Digestive issues:
We could get GI discomfort like nausea, diarrhoea, abdominal cramps etc, when we consume high doses or certain vitamins and minerals etc.
Kidney stones:
There are possibilities of kidney stone formation by consuming excess of vitamin C or vitamin D. Accumulation of calcium or other minerals could lead to painful mineral deposits in the kidneys.

Excess vitamins in the system is called as hypervitaminosis. It is important to note that excess vitamin B6 could lead to neurological symptoms like tingling and numbness etc.

Bleeding issue:
Truth is that excess vitamin E could interfere with blood clotting leading to more risk of bleeding disorders. Those who are n blood thinners etc would have issued due to this.

Interference with medications etc:
It is also possible that some vitamins and minerals might interfere with medications we take. It must be taken into note that vitamin k could interfere with the blood thinners etc. Absorption of certain antibiotics might get affected by Calcium.

Nerve damage from vitamin B6:

We could get peripheral neuropathy by excess intake of vitaminB6 or pyridoxine. The person could have pain, numbness etc.

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