Cancer that begins in the region of mouth is referred to as oral or mouth cancers. It is important to mention that oral cancers could occur in the tongue, lips, floor of the mouth etc. Usually, oral cancers are less spoken about than other types of cancers.

It is true that if not identified and treated early, oral cancers can be life threatening. From a painless white patch, oral cancer would thicken and develop red patches, an ulcer and continue to grow. Various risk factors for oral cancers are tobacco use, alcohol use, HPV infection, exposure to sun etc

There are various important signs of oral cancers such as

Persistent soreness, irritation in mouth or throat:

Persons with oral cancer might show symptoms like persistent soreness, irritation in mouth or throat, feeling of discomfort in mouth or throat etc  Bitter fact is that this feeling of discomfort in the mouth would be there even while not eating etc.

Presence of white or red patch inside mouth:

If there is any unusual patch inside the mouth, it is important to get it tested compulsorily. Point is that the patches might be white or red in colour and could be mistaken for sores or other minor irritations. It is necessary to visit a doctor if the sores do not go even after 2 weeks

Feeling of something struck in mouth:

It must be noted that if there is a feeling of something struck in the mouth then it might be a sign of oral cancer. Dysphagia or difficulty in swallowing could occur even if the person has not eaten any food etc.

Voice change:

If the voice becomes hoarse suddenly and doesn`t become normal again then it could be due to oral cancer also.  It is worthy to mention here that sometimes voice hoarseness could be due to respiratory issues or due to vocal strain.

Persistent cough:

In the normal situation, coughing would go away after a few days. When the cough is persistent and doesn`t go away then it might be due to oral cancer also. So, please take care.

Difficulty in chewing, speaking etc:

Everyday tasks like chewing, speaking and swallowing etc would become difficult in those with oral cancer. Consulting a doctor is very essential.

Difficulty in moving jaw or tongue etc:

Persons with oral cancers might show signs like difficulty in moving their jaw or tongue etc. This would in turn come in the way of eating, speaking to others etc.

Numbness in mouth:

Oral cancer could lead to nerve damage is a known fact. Point is that signs like numbness, tingling sensations in the mouth could reveal nerve damage due to oral cancer. So, please be careful.

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