Widely consumed in India and across the world is paneer. It is also known as cottage cheese and is usually prepared by separating the curd from whey. Then, the product is pressed to form solid blocks of cheese. Paneer has important ingredients like vitamins, proteins, minerals etc and hence intake of paneer is very important for our health.
By eating paneer, we can get these superb benefits

Good protein source:
Vegetarians can get a good source of proteins by eating paneer. For the body to function properly, amino acids are very essential and paneer has got all the 9 essential amino acids. It is healthier to consume than cheese etc.

Promotes weight loss:
Being low carbohydrate and high protein food, paneer intake would keep us feeling full for a longer time. By this, we would not eat unhealthy snacks etc. This would help us to lose weight.

Building muscle:
It is believed that paneer has got hgh protein content that is needed for muscle growth and repair etc. Bodybuilders and athletes can eat paneer especially.

Controls blood sugar levels:
Tryptophan present in paneer would help in the insulin production. Intake of paneer would prevent sudden increase in the blood sugar levels in us.

Improves bones and teeth health:
For  growth and for the maintenance of bones and teeth we must have calcium and phosphorus. By consuming paneer, we can get these and our bones and teeth would be healthy.

Boosts immune system:
The presence of zinc in paneer would boost our immune system. By this, we would not get affected by common illnesses like cold, flu and other infections etc.

Reduces stress and anxiety etc:
Serotonin is produced in us due to the presence of  tryptophan in paneer. This would reduce stress and anxiety in us effectively. Our overall mental health would be superb.

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