Also known as pulpitis in children, toothache refers to the pulp inside a tooth getting inflamed and infected. It is known that pulp is the soft part present inside the tooth and it has blood vessels and nerves etc. Both parents as well as the kids would feel distressed when the kids get toothache. Cavities are mostly responsible for most toothaches in the children. Temporary relief from toothache can be got by means of some home remedies

Various home remedies that can provide immediate relief from toothache in the kids are

By rinsing mouth with saltwater:

One common method for getting relief from toothache would be by gargling with warm saltwater. By this method, inflammation would be reduced and natural healing would take place in the affected area. Saltwater gargling can be done many times in a day.

By cold compress:

The pain would get reduced by means of cold compress. In addition, the swelling associated with tooth pain would also be reduced. It must be noted that a cloth with ice can be applied above the area where tooth pain is present. To avoid frostbites, parents must give a gap In between cold compression.

By using clove or clove oil:

For toothaches in the children, cloves are superb as they have both anti-inflammatory property and analgesic property in them. Clove oil can be applied to cotton balls and the cotton ball can be placed over the sore teeth. Before that, parents must know whether their kids are allergic or not to cloves.

By hydration and healthy diet etc:

Overall oral health of the kid would be supported by the water consumption. It is true that by drinking water the bacteria present in the mouth would get flushed out. The kid must consume a diet rich in vitamins and minerals for the sake of their teeth and gum health.

By proper brushing:

It is necessary for the kids to brush their teeth 2 to 3 times per day. The kids could get relief from toothache by brushing in a circular motion.

By eating soft foods only:

Parents must give their kids (with toothache) soft foods like curd rice, yoghurt, khichdi etc. Hard foods like nuts, seeds must be avoided. Parents must not give sugary foods and drinks also to their kids with toothache.


These home remedies might provide an immediate temporary relief from toothache for the children but parents must consult a dentist without fail.

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