Infinitheism day celebration on 11.11.2022
The Path, Infinitheism divined by MY Guru Mahatria on 11:11, 11:11:11, Today we are celebrating 11  years (11 :11 : 11 to 11: 11: 22 ) of inspiring breakthroughs…
Our Managing Director J Sampath says about this:
ALL came into my life, our life… All happening through me to the world around me… have the touch, the fragrance of the Infinitheism and Mahatria… My heartfelt gratitude to my source My Mahatria for all his presence and guiding me all the time…
About Infinitheism
Infinitheism is a path divined by Mahatria that inspires breakthroughs in Humankind and transforms the human spirit with the infinite potential in spiritual, emotional and materialistic abundance.
The word Infinitheism has derived from the words Theism and Infinite, infinite is represented as indefinable cosmic presence and the energy of people who connect to one faith- so the group of people who believe in an infinite cosmic presence are named Infinitheist
The symbol of infinitheism is a three red dots called Ratria where each dot symbolises attitude, skill and knowledge; animal, man, divine and so on. 11:11 is considered as a sacred minute by all the Infinitheist as Infinitheism was born on 11.11.11

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