What is dopamine?

In the adrenal gland in our body, a hormone is produced and this is dopamine. Point is that dopamine is a neurotransmitter and it would help in transmitting signals between nerve cells.

Especially in the winter time, the dopamine levels in us would reduce and that is due to the lower levels of sunlight. As a result, we could have reduced mood, reduced motivation and there are many chances to get seasonal affective disorder or SAD. It must be taken into account that increased dopamine levels in the winters would improve our mood and well being.

It is necessary that we must eat foods that would improve our dopamine levels in the winter season. In this situation, intake of amino acids rich foods would be superb.

The foods that would boost our dopamine levels especially during winters are

Intake of bananas:
Tyrosine is an amino acid that is present in bananas and tyrosine is a precursor for dopamine. Hence, we must eat bananas during winters to improve our dopamine levels.

Intake of dark chocolates:
By consuming dark chocolates having antioxidants and compounds, our dopamine levels and mood would increase.

Intake of green tea:
Dopamine levels in us would get increased when we drink green tea rich in amino acid L Theanine. This would make us relax and focus well.

Intake of fish:
It is important to consume fishes like salmon, mackerel etc rich in omega 3 fatty acids. By consuming these fatty fishes, our dopamine levels would increase.

Intake of eggs:
Many of us eat eggs without knowing the fact that it would improve our dopamine levels. The presence of adequate levels of vitamin D and zinc etc in the eggs would help in dopamine production.

Intake of nuts & seeds:
Dopamine`s precursor l- tyrosine is present in the nuts and seeds such as almonds, flaxseeds, peanuts etc. Hence, intake of nuts and seeds are important for us.

Intake of spinach:
Folate is present in spinachch and intake of spinach would play an important role in dopamine production in us.

Intake of blueberries:
By consuming blueberries rich in vitamins and antioxidants etc our brain health would be boosted. Intake of blueberries would protect dopamine producing neurons and would help in the mood regulation.

Intake of turmeric:
Our dopamine levels would get increased when we consume turmeric that is rich in cucurmin. Truth is that the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric would support our brain health.

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