Women in their reproductive years (between 12 and 45) lose iron from their bodies. This would result in iron deficiency in them. For the body to function well, it is essential that the body must have enough iron. It is known that iron is a protein that is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body.

Point is that during menstruation women lose iron from them and there is a necessity to consume more iron to replace the lost iron. Not many women are aware of the fact that by consuming plant based iron sources then iron is less readily absorbed by the body than animal based iron sources.

By following these effective tips, a woman would be able to avoid iron deficiency. Please take care.

By increasing vitamin B12 absorption:
For iron absorption, vitamin b12 plays a crucial role. For making sure of adequate levels of vitamin B12, women must eat foods like meat, dairy products, fish etc.

By increasing intake of iron rich foods:
Vegetarian foods like beans, lentils, tofu, spinach etc and non vegetable foods like lean meats, sea foods etc are rich in iron. Therefore, a woman must eat these foods compulsorily.

By combining iron rich foods with vitamin C:
Absorption of iron could be enhanced by eating iron rich foods with vitamin C. This is also an important method that woman must follow without fail

By avoiding consuming iron inhibitors:
Women must not consume foods like coffee, tea and calcium rich food with iron rich foods. The reason for this is these foods could inhibit absorption of iron.

By intake of iron supplements:
During pregnancy or when a woman is having iron deficiency then iron supplements must be consumed by her without fail. Before the intake of iron supplement, it is necessary to have the opinion of the doctor.

By cooking in cast iron cookware:
Iron content in the foods could be increased by cooking acidic foods in cast iron pots and pans etc. So, this is also a very important way by which iron deficiency can be avoided by women.

By being mindful of menstrual cycle:
Heavy or prolonged periods or menstrual cycles would make a woman lose m more iron from her body. It is necessary for a woman to keep an eye on her menstrual cycle and consult a doctor when needed.

By having superb gut health:
It is true that poor gut health would affect iron absorption. Hence, it is necessary to add fibre rich foods and probiotics etc.

By checking iron levels regularly:
Women must consult their doctor to know about their iron levels if they have a history of low iron levels. By this, it would be possible to address the issue and come out of that.

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