Sometimes, we might find difficulty in lifting the front part of our feet and this is the drop feet issue. In those persons who have this problem, their front feet might drag on the ground while they walk. It is worth mentioning that drop feet is not an illness but it is a sign of some neurological issue.

Various signs of drop feet issue are

Those with drop feet would show several signs like difficulty in lifting the front part of the foot while walking, those affected would lift their knees and swing their knees in an exaggerated way to compensate for feet drop,  weakness or numbness, increased tripping and falling down etc.

Various reasons for drop feet issue are

Nerve damage:
Peroneal nerve controls the muscles that lift our feet and damage to this nerve would lead to drop feet issue. There are various reasons for nerve damage like injury, trauma, nerve compression etc.

Nerve or muscle disorders:
We could get muscle weakness or nerve damage due to certain conditions like polio, muscular dystrophy etc. This could then result in drop feet also.

Injury to spinal cord:
The nerves that could control the movement of the foot could get affected by damage to the spinal cord. This could lead to a drop foot issue.

Brain and CNS disorders:
It is important to mention that strokes, brain tumors etc could affect the brain`s ability to send signals to the muscles. By this, we could get a drop foot problem.

Certain medications etc:
Truth is that certain medications like those used in chemotherapy etc can also cause drop feet issues in us.

How can dop feet be treated:
Using foot brace or ankle foot orthosis:
It must be noted that a brace called ankle foot orthosis or AFO can be used to support the feet and keep it in a neutral position while walking.

Physical therapy:
Mobilty would become better and drop feet could be compensated by exercises that focus on strengththening the leg and foot muscles.

It would be possible to manage the pain polus lower the muscle spacity associated with foot drop by consuming muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs etc.

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