We all would have witnessed blood dripping from our nose at some point of time in our lives and it would have scared us totally. As per data, 60% of people would have had atleast one nose bleed in their lives. It is true that that blood dripping out of our nose would catch us off guard. This is nose bleeding or Epistaxis.
Not many would be aware of the fact about the presence of many blood vessels on the nose lining. The nose lining is highly sensitive and any small irritation or injury etc would lead to blood dripping from the nose lining. There is no need to get worried due to the nose bleed as it might not be that serious also. Especially in the summer seasons, our nose would bleed and this is mainly due to the extreme temperatures and hot air. The blood capillaries inside the nose would break and this would result in nose bleeding. There are also possibilities of nose bleeding due to excessive nose picking also.

Situations of severity of nose bleeding:
After applying direct pressure for 20 minutes and even then the bleeding continues from the nose then it is a serious situation. Sometimes, a foreign object might get struck in the nose and this is also a severe situation associated with nose bleeding. This issue must be taken seriously when the person has dizziness or fatigue etc. There are times when a person would have issues in breathing after nose bleeding and this must not be taken lightly.

Various important ways to stop nose bleeding:
When a person has nose bleeding then he or she must not panic but sit up instead of lying down. Head must be kept above the heart. It is necessary to lean a little forward so that the blood doesn`t drain down the back of the throat.

The person who has got nose bleeding must pinch the nose with thumb and forefinger for about 10 minutes and breathe through the mouth. By this, there would be some pressure on the part of the nose that bleeds and would make the blood stop flowing.

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