Have you ever felt totally drained or emotionally worn out or burned out in your life? If not, then you might not be telling the truth!!
This is termed as emotional exhaustion and these days all sorts of people get affected by this. Fact is that it is one of the most important problems in this faced paced world. There are many reasons for emotional exhaustion and these are stress related to work, personal issues, lack of proper work-life balance, poor self care etc.

There are few signs associated with emotional exhaustion such as

Constant fatigue:
There are many people who feel persistently tired despite sleeping well.  This could be due to emotional exhaustion. The energy in us would get drained and doing even simple tasks would be challenging.

Lack of motivation:
Some activities that we would have enjoyed doing in the past would have become tough now and this is one sign of emotional exhaustion. The person would have decreased motivation.

Irritability and frustration etc:
Increased irritability, impatience and frustration would be present in those who are emotionally exhausted.

Issues in concentrating:
Those who are emotionally exhausted would not be able to concentrate well. This would result in a decrease in productivity.

Physical signs:
Those who are emotionally exhausted would show physical signs like headaches, weakened immunity etc. These persons might also show changes in appetite and would experience weight gain or loss etc. So, please take care.

It must be taken into note that emotionally exhausted persons would like to stay isolated from others. These persons would withdraw from social interactions etc.

Sleep issues:
Those who are emotionally exhausted would not be able to sleep well at night. Maintaining a regular sleeping pattern would be challenging.

Treatment for emotional exhaustion:
It is highly necessary that we must manage stress well to get relief from emotional exhaustion.  Secondly, we must make healthier lifestyle choices like consuming a well balanced diet, quitting smoking or alcohol, doing exercises daily etc. It is also important to establish a proper sleep routine by going to bed at the same time every night.

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