By grinding legumes, nuts, seeds etc, we could flour and this flour forms the base of many foods like breads, pastas etc. While some flours are good for our health, there are other flours that are unhealthy to consume. It is therefore important to differentiate these types of flours for the sake of our health. It must be taken into account that unhealthy flours like refined wheat flour etc are highly processed and they do not have any nutrient value. These flours have low fibre content plus release quick energy leading to spike in the blood sugar levels. It is known to us that a spike in blood sugar levels would be dangerous for our health.

Hence, try to consume these important flours that would boost our overall health.

Almond flour:
Rich in healthy fats, proteins and vitamin E etc, almond flour when consumed would improve the heart health. It is true that we could have proper weight management by consuming almond flour.

Coconut flour intake:
It must be noted that coconut flour is rich in fibre content plus it would be superb for digestion etc. There won`t be any spike in the blood sugar levels when we consume this flour.

Chickpea flour intake:
The chickpea flour has got proteins, iron and fibre etc and it would be superb for the overall health. By consuming chickpea flour, we could have good heart health.

Quinoa flour intake:
This flour is complete protein so it has all the amino acids in it. Quinoa flour is also rich in minerals, vitamins, fibres etc. Intake of this four would help in weight control etc.

Oat flour intake:
Oat flour is rich in fibre content plus in antioxidants. Hence, intake of oat flour would help in digestion plus would improve the heart health.

Brown rice flour intake:
It is free from gluten plus is rich in vitamins and minerals etc. By consuming brown rice flour, we could have superb weight control plus our digestion would become better also. Our heart health would also get boosted as the good cholesterol would be improved.

Amaranth flour intake:
Rich in fibres, proteins and minerals etc, amaranth flour intake would help in the regulation of BP and in cholesterol etc. The healing process in us would become betttter due to the presence of vitamin C in this flour.

Teff flour intake:
By consuming teff flour, our bone health would get boosted plus we could have better weight control etc.

Spelt flour intake:
When compared to wheat flour, spelt flour has got more minerals and proteins etc. Consuming spelt flour, we could get a superb immune system in us plus we could have better digestion etc. There is reduced risk of getting diabetes etc.

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