These days, many of us do workouts to keep our body and health in good shape. There are times when we would feel thirsty or dizzy while doing the workouts. This might be because of dehydration. It is worth mentioning here that dehydration could hinder performance plus it could make us prone to heat based illnesses etc. Therefore, it is highly essential that we must not get dehydrated. For this, we must regularly drink water or other liquids etc.

Various signs of dehydration while doing workouts are

Reduced exercise performance:

This is one of the most important signs of dehydration . Sometimes, we might not be able to sustain the intensity while doing workouts. There would be a drastic decline in the performances. This could be due to dehydration.

Sticky or dry mouth:

It is important to rehydrate us when our mouth becomes dry due to lack of enough saliva or when we notice a parched sensation etc while doing  workouts.

Muscle cramping:

The electrolyte balance in the body would get disrupted  when we   do workouts and this would lead to  severe muscle cramping etc.

Excess fatigue:

A person might feel tiredness/fatigue  or lack of motivation to continue with the workouts despite having enough rest. The person would have to rehydrate without fail.

Headaches and dizziness:

It must be noted that when a  person is dehydrated then he or she would have headaches or dizziness etc while doing workouts. The reason for this would be due to lowered blood volume plus inadequate oxygen and nutrients delivery to the brain.

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