How will you react if you come to know that the heart disease or diabetes you got is due to the fast eating?

The bitter fact is that eating food has also become a rushed process for many now with lack of time due to busy work schedules. The doctors have always been insisting on slow eating despite that many of us eat food very fast. This fast eating habit would affect both our physical as well as mental health.

Various side effects of eating fast are

Over eating:

Our brain wouldn`t have enough time to register that we are full when we eat fast. As a result, we might overeat and eat more quantity of food. This would lead to excess or overweight or obesity.

Issues in digestion:

It is noteworthy that digestion starts in the mouth and enzymes in the saliva break down the food. By eating very fast, we might swallow large pieces of food. The stomach might find it tough to digest the food. By this, we might get digestive issues like indigestion, bloating etc.

Blood sugar increase:

When we eat high carbohydrate or sugary foods, then there are chances of blood sugar levels to spike. By this,, we might get type-2 diabetes and other metabolic diseases etc.

More chances of heart diseases:

There is a relation between fast eating and heart diseases etc. It was brought to light by a research study that persons who ate food very fast would get metabolic syndrome or a cluster of conditions that would increase the chances of getting heart diseases, strokes etc.

Tips or methods to slow down eating and to avoid overeating etc:

By chewing thoroughly:

Before swallowing the food, we must take some time to chew the food thoroughly. This would give some time for the brain to register that we are full.

By eating mindfully:

It is important to pay attention to the texture, taste of food while eating the food. Mindful eating would help us to enjoy the food and would prevent over eating also.

By sipping water:

We would be able to prevent fast eating by sipping water slowly while taking bites. This is one important method

By eating with others:

We would be able to avoid fast eating if we eat food with our family members. We would be able to concentrate on eating and not rush through it by engaging in conversation with others.

By using small plates:

Portion sizes could be controlled well if we eat in small plates instead of large ones. By this, we would be able to avoid overeating of food.

By limiting distractions:

We could avoid fast t eating if we eat without watching TV or smart phones etc.  Truth is that these distractions would lead to mindless eating and overconsumption of food.

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