Have you ever felt very weak even after doing just less amount of physical activity? If yes, then please be careful and consult a doctor because this is not normal.

By transporting oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, blood circulation plays a huge role in us. When there is poor blood circulation, then it would lead to various issues in us. We must be aware of certain sings of poor blood circulation in us and take necessary action to overcome that

Various signs of poor blood circulation that would help us to identify a life threatening disease are

Persistent coldness in feet hands etc:
Even when the environment is warm, we might experience persistent coldness in our feets and hands. This could be due to poor blood circulation in us. So, we must not take this lightly and must take care.

Swelling and edema:
In some persons, there would be swelling in their legs, ankles etc. This is an important sign of poor blood circulation. It must be noted that when the blood struggles to return back to the heart fluid would collect in the lower extremities. This could lead to swelling. By sitting for a longer time or even standing could exacerbate this.

Fatigue and extreme weakness:
Some persons after doing minimal physical activity would feel very weak and fatigued. This could be due to poor blood circulation. For the muscles to function well, muscles must receive nutrients and oxygen etc. When the blood flow is not enough, then muscles might not receive these and there would be persistent fatigue.

Numbness and tingling sensations:
Poor blood circulation could lead to nerve compression and the person might experience numbness in feet or hands etc. Restricted flow of blood would result in nerves not getting enough oxygen and this would lead to uncomfortable sensations.

Slow wound healing:
The healing process of the body would get hindered when the blood circulation is poor. Insufficient flow of blood to the affected area would make the wounds, cuts etc heal very slowly. Truth is that very slow wound healing would also increase the infection risk.

 Skin discolouration etc:
Poor blood circulation in us would also be revealed by the presence of skin discolouration. The extremities would show noticeable skin colour changes due to r reduced blood flow.

Erectile dysfunction:
There are chances that in males poor blood circulation could lead to erectile dysfunction. The person would find it tough to get erections aor maintain erection due to insufficient blood flow to penis.

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