The way we cook would affect the nutritional value of the food and the same holds true for spinach also. Also known as palak, spinach is also used to prepare curries etc. There are some people who add spinach to salads and pasta etc. It is rich in vitamins like A. K, C and folate etc.

Being one of the healthiest leafy green vegetables, it is highly necessary for us to consume this for the sake of our health. It is important to cook spinach in the right way to retain all the essential nutrients.

Health benefits of eating spinach are

Full of nutrients:
It is noteworthy that spinach has nutrients like calcium, iron, vitamin A, C etc and it would be superb for our health.

Reduces oxidative stress:
The antioxidants present in spinach would lower the oxidative stress.

Lowers blood pressure:
Having proper control or managing the blood pressure is very important for us for healthy lives. The presence of potassium in spinach would lower high blood pressure in us.

Good for digestion:
The presence of fibre in spinach would help in the digestion and it would support weight loss.

While consuming spinach, we must try to avoid these mistakes.

Do not eat spinach in raw form:
The shocking piece of information is that eating spinach in raw form could lead to the formation of kidney stones in us. It must be noted that spinach contains oxalic acid and it would interfere with the absorption of minerals like calcium, iron etc. When oxalic acid combines with calcium, then it would result in calcium oxalate crystals. So, please be careful while eating spinach.

Do not overcook spinach:
It is noteworthy that overcooking spinach would lead to nutritional loss and it could deplete all the calcium present in it.

Do not make a smoothie:
These days, many of us blend spinach in a smoothie without knowing the truth that this blending of spinach leaves would break down the fibre and would not eliminate the oxalic acid present in it.

Correct way to cook spinach:
Point is that spinach must be cooked lightly only. By this way, the spinach would have all the nutrients and limited oxalic acid.

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