Have you ever seen your mother or grandma adding flavoured spice cardomom to the sweet kheer or payasam?

When added to sweets or savouries, beverages etc, cardamom would add depth and richness is a known fact. For many years, the versatile spice cardamom has been important in traditional medicine. The cardamom is warm, aromatic and it would improve our health when chewed or consumed.

Various health advantages we can get when we chew or consume cardamom are

Cholesterol management:
It is believed that the antioxidant property of cardamom would lower the bad cholesterol levels or LDL in us. This would improve our heart health to a huge extent.

Lowering blood pressure:
It is known that high blood pressure or BP would be dangerous and we could get many issues due to high blood pressure. Hence our lowering BP is important. Point is that cardamom would lower BP.

Rich in antioxidants:
By chewing elachi, oxidative stress in us would get lowered. Point to be noted is that the antioxidants would neutralise free radicals and by this we could be free from many chronic diseases etc.

Anti-inflammatory properties:
By chewing cardamom the anti-inflammation in us would be lowered. This would prevent us from getting inflammation based chronic diseases etc. It must be taken into account that inflammation is the prime cause for many health problems in us.

Improves digestion:
For our overall health to be good, we must have good digestive health. When chewed, cardamom would secrete enzymes that would help in digestion. We would not have issues like gas, bloating etc.

Gastric discomfort relief:
By chewing cardamom, we could get huge relief from gastric discomfort. The stomach based issues would be eased by the carminative properties of cardamom.

Improved oral health:
It must be noted that intake or chewing cardamom would improve our oral health. Truth is that the cardamom would fight with the bacteria present in the mouth. We could be free from cavities etc.

Respiratory health:
We could get relief from congestion etc by inhaling the cardamom scent. This would help in treating flu, cold etc. It is worthy to note that the aromatic compounds in cardamom play a huge role here.

Regulation of blood sugars:
It is possible to manage the blood sugar by consuming cardamom. This has been shown by some early findings.

Stress relief:
Stress could lead to many health issues in us and it is highly necessary that we must avoid stress. There are many ways to avoid or lower stress and intake of cardamom with its aroma would be superb. Our mental well being would be improved by drinking teas with cardomom in it. It is believed that the soothing qualities of cardamom play a huge role in relieving our stress.

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