Have you seen domed shaped cap on a stalk with gills present on underside of the cap growing in dark places or shady places?

These are called as mushrooms or kaalan in Tamil and are highly nutritious. The mushrooms have vitamins like B, plus fibre, proteins and antioxidants etc in them and it is highly beneficial for the cancer patients especially. Along with heart attacks and kidney diseases, cancer is one of the reasons for large number of deaths across the world is known fact.

Reasons why cancer patients are recommended mushrooms are

Immunomodulatory properties:
Immune systems response would be enhanced by the presence of beta glucans present in the mushrooms. It must be taken into account that cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy etc would have weak immune system and incorporating mushrooms would strengthen the body`s natural defence mechanisms.

Anti-inflammatory effect:
Cancer patients would have chronic inflammation and this could lead to the progression of the disease in them. Mushrooms like reishi etc have anti-inflammatory properties in them and by consuming them the inflammation in the cancer patients would get lowered. Bioactive compounds like triterpenoids and polysaccharides etc would reduce inflammation.

Rich in antioxidants:
Various antioxidants like Selenium, vitamin C and polyphenols etc are present in mushrooms. It must be noted that the antioxidants would neutralize free radicals. Unstable molecules could lead to cancer development. It is true that intake of mushrooms by the cancer patients would protect the healthy cells from oxidative stress.

Helps body to adapt to stressors:
Reishi and cordyceps are considered adaptagens. These adaptagens would help the body to adapt to stressors and maintain balance. The overall well being of the cancer patients would be supported by intake of mushrooms.

Inhibit the cancer progression:
Inhibition of angiogenesis in cancer patients (process by which new blood vessels form and then it would lead to cancer) would be possible by intake of mushrooms like shitake and maitake etc.

Nutrient rich foods for cancer patients:
Mushrooms are rich in nutrients and low in calories. The cancer patient would get vitamins B and D and minerals like copper and selenium etc by eating m mushrooms. Truth is that cancer patients (who face nutritional challenges due to the treatment side effects) would get benefited by intake of mushrooms.

Improves gut bacteria:
Overall health is influenced by the presence of healthy gut bacteria is known. Fact is that by consuming mushrooms like shitake and maitake etc, the cancer patients would get a healthy gut microbiota due to the presence of fibres and prebiotics in these mushrooms. It must be noted that maintaining a diverse and balanced gut microbiome is necessary for the cancer patients.

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